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Starting with Vol. 6 (2011) the Editorial Office of the journal UNIFORM DISTRIBUTION THEORY moved from Mathematical Institute in Bratislava, Slovakia, to BOKU - University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, Vienna, Austria.

The journal publishes original research papers addressing all aspects of the theory of uniform distribution, as well as of theoretical and computational aspects of combinatorial, diophantine and probabilistic number theory.

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Strauch, Oto / Porubský, Štefan: Distribution of Sequences: A Sampler

The monograph (543 pp.) focuses on the distribution properties of concrete sequences which may be expressed in terms of distribution function, upper and lower distribution function, the discrepancy, diaphony, dispersion etc.

Contents: Aspects of distribution properties of one-dimensional or multi-dimensional sequences - Sequences involving logarithmic functions, trigonometric functions, polynomials, sum-of-digits functions, integer part function, number-theoretic functions, primes, normal numbers, the van der Corput sequence, pseudorandom number generators - Properties of sequences: low discrepancy sequences, good lattice points, nets, lattice rules, completely uniformly distributed sequences, block sequences, circle sequences - Complete mathematical description of the sequences - Characterizations of currently known distribution properties - History, development, and open problems of referred to sequences.

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